Lunoo, the lighting company
Manufacturer - Made in Belgium


We believe …
- in a perfect match between aesthetics and functionality.
- in simple lines, design that is minimalistic but full of character.
- in light.


We promise …
- an ingenious optical and thermal design.
- high performance light sources.
- high quality fittings that comply with the current

Project market - Every project is unique


We believe …
- in your project
- in sustainability and energy efficiency


We promise …
- to work closely with you and take your wishes into account.
- to propose the most energy-efficient solution.
- to develop a tailored lighting plan.
- to do everything to complete your project.

Lighting and retail - Shoppers want the ideal shopping experience


Despite the digital age, the power of a shop should not be underestimated. Even more than ever, experience is an important factor. If the experience in your shop is good, the customer will come back, to both your shop and online.
Good, ingenious light solutions give the customer a good feeling. The light guides the customer through the shop and draws attention to the products. The right light in the right place turns the shop into a true experience space. You will notice it, more people will buy and more often from you.

Lighting and hotel and catering - Give your guests a warm welcoming


A good catering establishment proprietor has it: creating an experience for guests. Experience is a combination of different impressions, smells and colours: a pleasing dish presentation, a matching interior, a friendly welcome …
Lighting can make or break the desired experience. With well-chosen lighting the customer feels at home and enjoys the occasion. Light influences mood, the senses and the experience. Moreover, the light can encourage the customer to stay longer, or even to leave quicker.

Lighting and offices - Raise the productivity


Productive employees who come to work with total commitment are the dream of every employer. The right light promotes the well-being of people, it stimulates and inspires them. Increased productivity and creativity are two consequences of balanced